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Tomás Asiaín, author of compositions for orchestra and choir founded the Orfeón Jacetano in 1962, and almost twenty years later in 1981, Lorenzo de las Cuevas, originally from the Orfeón Donostiarra took over the musical direction of the Orfeón Jacetano.

The Orfeón did various tours in Portugal and Austria, and took part in the ceremonies in the Plaza del Pilar in Zaragoza, on the occasion of the visit of Pope John Paul II to Spain.

Celia Casas took over the musical direction of the Jaca Orfeón in 1992 and won the second prize in the IXth Choir Festival in Autol, in La Rioja, in 1996.

In 1997 and 98, three cds were recorded: "Homenaje a Tomás Asiaín", which has all the compositions of the maestro from Navarre; “Jaca Canta” together with the Municipal Band “Santa Orosia” , and finally, "Pájaro Azul", a collection of delightful contemporary works.

In May 1998, together with the Youth Orchestra of the National School of Music in Pau and the vocal group Anima, also from Pau, the Orfeón Jacetano performed Vivaldi’s Gloria in the cathedrals of Jaca and Pau. Some months later it also took part in the tribute to the tenor Miguel Fleta, performing in the Auditorium in Zaragoza.

In May 1999 the Orfeón was awarded third prize in the first Choir Competition "Villa de Benasque".

In November of the same year the Orfeón was invited to open the XIX Choral Congress in Borja.

Also in the month of November 1999, the Orfeón Jacetano, representing Spain, began a tour of Argentina, invited by the Tandil International Choir Festival, giving concerts in Tandil, La Plata, Mar del Plata and Buenos Aires.

In April 2000, the Orfeón took part in XXXI Choirs Competition Ejea de los Caballeros, and won third prize.

2001- 19th August: Performance of Vivaldi’s Gloria in Jaca Cathedral with the "King Edward VI " Chamber Orchestra from Southampton, England and the participation of the sopranos Natalia Mota Ibáñez E , Mª Beatriz Gutiérrez García

In September they were invited to Tenerife to take part in the Festival and Homage to Sto. Cristo de La Laguna, giving concerts in Bajamar and in La Laguna.

In April 2002, the Orfeón Jacetano was invited to take part in the VII edition of the Polyphonic Congress in Jaen.

In August, working with the the "King Edward VI" Chamber Orchestra from Southampton, England, the Orfeón performed Psalm 142 by Mendelssohn and Fauré’s Pavane, conducted by Celia Casas.

The same month, with the collaboration of Jaca city Council and Zaragoza Summer University, the Orfeón organized the choir’s fortieth anniversary celebrations, offering lectures, exhibitions and a festival of local choirs.

2003, on the 23rd April there was an invitation to participate in the Choral Encounter “City of Teruel"

From 14th to 15th June, concerts in Cantabria (Corrales de Buelna etc.....)

21th and 22th June, participation in the Choral Encounter "City of Avila".

August 8th and 9th in Jaca and Anso, with the Orchestra of Southampton, Misa Brevis by Haydn, under the direction of Celia Casas.

In the month of December, on the 27th in Berdún and 28th in Jaca, Christmas concert in collaboration with the “Coral Santa Eulalia” from Berdun, which is also directed by Celia Casas.

In July 2004 the Orfeón was invited to take part in XI Festival "Veruela Música Viva" in the monastery. Months later was the collaboration in the celebration of the end of the Compostela holy year in Jaca Cathedral.

In September 2005 the Orfeón was invited to sing in the catedral of Santiago de Compostela, with a concert tour visiting first Astorga catedral and then Teatro Rosalía de Castro inLa Coruña. The following month once again there was an invitation to the Auditorium in Zaragoza.

Following the death of the Orfeón Jacetano’s president , D. Eduardo Karcher Boyd, the year 2006 was one of reception and preparation of new voices.

In the subsequent years 2007,2008,2009, the Orfeón took part in the VIIth Encuentro de Semana Santa, Ist Choral Cycle Jacetania, Ist Choral Encounter Canal de Berdún, Ist Festival of Music Val de Hecho, II Choral Cycle Jacetania, gave concerts in Villasana de Mena (Burgos), for the earthquake victims in Haiti, Sacred music, Christmas, etc.

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