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Musical studies in the Conservatory of Music in Zaragoza.

After 19 years in the choir as a contralto, and two years as assistant director, Celia took over in 1992. She studied choral direction with Enrique Azurza, Nuria Fernandez and Javi Busto, eight years running through the Aragonese Federation of Choirs.

Took part in courses by Erkki Pohjola, Martin Smith, Carl Hogset, Vaclovas Agustinas, Digna Guerra, Oystein Fevang, Geor Grun, Vitautas Mishkinis, Dante Andreo, Electo Silva, Javi Busto.

In addition, a piano course with Humberto Quagliata, singing courses as contralto with “The Scholars”. Course in conducting an orchestra with Juan Mª Esteban and Mª Pilar Alvira.

Invited to conduct the Southampton Orchestra four years running.

Graduate in choral direction.

In December 2002 took over the musical direction of “Santa Eulalia” choir in Berdun (Huesca).


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